Where To Get The Best Spa Experience In Phuket

One of the many reasons why many people visit Phuket is because of the number of options available for individuals looking for spa treatments. One can choose a luxury resort & spa Phuket if they desire or they can try the ones that are off the beaten track. Here are a number of spa experiences worth checking out in Phuket.

There are a number of spas in Boat Lagoon but recently the local welcomed a new addition called Let’s Relax. The beautiful space offers natural lighting which offers a calming vibe to the visitors. There are several treatment rooms inside the spa and a space intended for clients booking a foot massage. Local ladies love this space because it can accommodate a group in one appointment which is a good way to bond. One of the perks of a new establishment is that their facilities are brand new and the chairs are all comfy and shiny new.

If you want a spa experience off the beaten track, Oasis Spa is located in Kamala’s back roads. Though it has other branches, such as the one in Laguna, many favor the one in Kamala because it is situated in the beach road. Looking at the main road alone, one will never suspect that a spa treatment is hiding behind one of the doors.

For three consecutive years, between 2015 and 2017, the Infinite Luxury Spa located at Kara Rocks has been awarded the World’s Luxury Spa Award. The spa products used her are organic and the staff believe that people go there to have their personal time. There are eight treatment rooms inside with the latest technology in the spa industry.

If you wanted to try something else aside from the luxury resort & spa Phuket, the spa located inside the Central Festival mall is a welcome change. The location might not be as exclusive but the experience is still worth it. For only 300 baht, customers will be able to experience their foot massage for 60 minutes. They also have full body treatments available which is perfect after a day of shopping inside the Central.