Why Is There A Huge Demand For Editorial Illustrations?

Back in 2019, no one was able to predict that the coronavirus will be the biggest threat to mankind. However, some unexpected trends have emerged in 2020. A skillset that has experienced huge demand this year is Editorial Illustration. Newspapers, magazines and websites are searching for editorial illustrators who can attract audiences to their simple and sophisticated concepts.

Examples of editorial illustrations include Andrea Ucini’s simple cover image in The Economist and Jennifer E. Fairman’s sophisticated visualization of John Hopkins School of Medicine. However, the most influential is Alissa Eckert’s and Dan Higgins’ 3DS Max visualization of the coronavirus for CDC. The visualization has given shape and form to Covid-19 in the minds of ordinary people.

To put it simply, illustrators across the world have helped in spreading health messages from Vietnamese artist Le Duc Hiep’s propaganda-style poster that encourages people to come together to Studio Number One’s pro-bono posters that inspires people to wear face masks. Even if there are no specific requests for health illustrations, artists have done it anyway out of a sense of duty.

While it true that 2020 has been a highly frustrating year, people have high hopes for the coming year with the vaccine rollouts already starting. Happier and more optimistic editorial illustrations are expected in 2021 like the fun and colourful character art of Yuxing Li and the charming Tintin-influenced cartoons of Janne Iovonen.

Without new photographs and live films for most of the year, advertisers and marketers have to turn to illustrations and animations for their marketing campaigns. However, for the coming year, brands will be focusing on more distinctive and unusual styles of editorial illustrations to help them standout in the digital environment. There will be greater variety of stories and influences in the creative industry and within illustrations.

A professional Editorial Illustration is beyond what words can capture. It is the embodiment of the saying that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Awe-inspiring and genuinely irresistible editorial illustrations are available to be used for your website and your marketing campaigns to attract your target audience. The custom illustration is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.