Why To Choose A Trusted Foreign Exchange Converter

Exchange of currency is a big headache. You should look into various aspects such as, who is giving the best exchange rate, who charges less commissions and fees, is he authenticated source, is he trustworthy, is he authorized by government, does he have a license to run a foreign exchange agency, when I should send money so that I get more value for my money etc.


These questions will always trouble us and at the end we will end by going to the bank as we are afraid of many other issues. Sometimes we will not have time to go to various foreign exchange services to enquire and compare the forex rates. Whatever your situation might be the best answer is KnightsbridgeFX.com. No matter, whether you want to convert cash or transfer money to foreign destination, you want to transfer money you will be always be on beneficial side.


Benefits of Choosing a Trusted Exchange

  • Trusted exchanges are in business from a long period and there is enough evidence to prove their credibility.
  • You can get the best exchange rate when compared to banks
  • They are regulated by FINTRAC, a government body of Canada. So your transaction is secured and safe.
  • They are insured for million dollars so you can trust them.
  • Same day transfer will be done. For example, when you login to Knightsbridge.com you just need to book a transaction. This transaction say which country you will transfer the money and how you are paying. Once transaction booking is done then you will receive a confirmation message stating the exchange rate and few details of the transaction. Once you accept the confirmation page then your transaction will be taken forward.
  • Processes are fully transparent. You will receive an invoice stating your transaction.
  • They work in integration with all the banks rather than with a competitive spirit. That is how they took a best position in exchange of currency.
  • Their user interface is so simple and well-structured that you can easily understand how to move next, even though you are new customer.


Choosing a trusted and reliable foreign exchange converter like KnightsbridgeFX.com helps you to get the bang for your bucks. You can avoid losing money due to high exchange rates or eliminate the risk of fake or counterfeit currency.