Wife Beaten With Cricket Bat By Husband, Says It Was Her Fault

Cricket bats are popularized as one of the primary instruments in the second most popular sport in the world and because of these, fans would often buy cricket bat online or even from local stores. But even though cricket bats are primarily used in sports, if it fell into the hands of the wrong people, or even at the wrong timing and situation, they can be used as a dangerous weapon. Just like with what had happened with a woman, whose name was suppressed, who was attacked with a cricket bat, strangled and brutally beaten by her husband. After the attack, their flat mate had asked if he could call an ambulance but the husband had only said to “let her die.”

Her husband, Daljit Singh, was immediately taken in by the authorities. But the victim’s feelings about the whole incident were a little unexpected. Instead of sending her husband to jail, she had begged Justice David Nicholson to release her husband of six years so that he would be able to join their family once again.
She said that the entire incident was because of her mistake and that she would not wish to throw away six years of their marriage over one mistake.

The incident had taken place over a year ago and even with its severity, the victim said that she would not have reported the situation.

According to her, their children are often wondering why they cannot see their father and she could not bear to inform that their father is currently in prison which she feels is her fault.

It was over a year ago when Singh arrived home when he saw his wife and their flat mate on the sofa, covered under a blanket and watching a movie. When Singh removed the blanket, he noticed how his wife’s leg was slightly exposed and that was when he began his assault on her. He grabbed the cricket bat and started beating her with it. When the flat mate intervened, he also sustained blows that sent him to the floor.

Officials say that it is highly likely that Singh will be deported back to India after the third hearing.