Yelp Launches Initiative To Fight Racism

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Yelp has introduced 2 initiatives to fight racism and promote diversity among local businesses. The new “Business Accused of Racist Behaviour” alert will provide a warning to consumers of a business accused of racism that new reviews will be disabled for the business profile. Yelp wants to prevent the page from being flooded with reviews from non-customers that want to express their political and ideological opinions including their objections against the business.

Yelp wants reviews to be based on actual first-hand experience of customers. There are instances when a business receives an influx of negative and politically-motivated reviews. An internal investigation will check the profile and content in question. The alert will go up and new reviews will be shut down upon verification of underlying facts.

Yelp’s move can elicit different reactions wherein one person’s discriminatory conduct may be considered as freedom of expression. However, for an alert to kick in, there must be a volume of reviews and not just an isolated complaint.

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