Young Brazilian Surfer Shot Three Times

Ricardo dos Santos, a rising surfing superstar was found dead near his home after being shot three times. It was reported that a police officer who was off duty did the killing. Dos Santos is only 24 years old, a Brazilian lad and is known for his skills in surfing.

The circumstances leading to the shootout

A Brazilian newspaper reported that Ricardo was shot after approaching two men outside his home. He told them not to take drugs in public. Both men, who were later identified to be brothers, reacted furiously to Ricardo’s request. Witnesses to the incident said that the men took a gun from the car and fired three shots at the victim’s abdomen and chest.

The men involved in the crime were identified as the military policeman, Luiz Paolo Bentrano and his 17 year old brother. The minor was released several hours after the arrest. In a statement, the suspect, Luiz Paolo Bentrano, said that he only reacted in self defense. He further said that the surfer threatened him and his brother which made him pull the trigger.

Who is Ricardo dos Santos?

Ricardo dos Santos is a resounding name in the surfing community. The 24 year old Brazilian is a talented surfer. He won the most sought out Andy Irons award after impressing judges with his fearless surf riding skills last 2012 in Tahiti. To those who personally knew the guy, he was a kind, spirited and a good hearted person.

The surfing community mourned his passing and they are calling for justice. The surfer’s family in turn could not believe the fate of their young boy. The grieving family is filing cases against the shooters. The family is thankful for all the support that they are getting from Ricardo’s friends and followers.

Businesses hampered

The tragic death of Ricardo is only one of the thousands of heinous crime that is being committed daily. Businesses are placed at a disadvantage because of the high rate of crime on both rural and urban areas. Take for example TV Store Online; their business takes a big blow when there is rampant crime especially for surfing superstars like Ricardo dos Santos. The economy of a country bleeds.