Your Tattoo Can Cause Complications Later In Life

For many people, tattoos are a means to express themselves. A tattoo is a form of art that is permanently adhered to the body and worn every single day of one’s life. However, tattoos may cause some complications in the future and may require foundation that covers tattoos particularly for females. The liquid body foundation can cover the tattoo and present a flawless look.

According to dermatologist Dr. Jeremy Fenton, having a tattoo is a commitment that must be considered carefully. A tattoo will always look nice if it is protected by a sunscreen of SFP30 or higher whenever it is exposed. This will prevent the UV rays from dulling and blurring the tattoo.

Meanwhile, it is important for the rest the skin to be protected not just the tattoo. Gentle soap and moisturizers are suggested for long term care. The skin stays healthy and the delicate tattoo is protected as well.

However, there have been reports of sarcoidosis or rare inflammatory conditions that may develop years after the tattoo. Bumps can develop on the skin that is triggered through constant exposure to a foreign body like the ink. This condition does not happen to everyone who has a tattoo but if you notice a change, talk to your doctor immediately.

On some individuals, tattoos can trigger allergic reactions. Usually, this happens during the first few months although some say that the allergic reaction can develop after a few years. Signs of allergic reaction include itchiness and inflammation in the area of the pigment. This will require a surgeon to remove the tattoo.

Natural fading of the ink is a less severe complication that may happen years down the line. They can also warp as the skin changes and losses its elasticity. Touch-ups may be required to make sure that the tattoo stays nice in the future.

There are certain instances when you do not want the tattoo to show up. You will feel more comfortable with foundation that covers tattoos temporarily. Instead of using tons of concealers, waterproof foundation can complement the skin tone and you won’t have to worry that it may suddenly come off in the middle of the day.